Professional opportunities for media arts students

DOMINIC College’s new creative arts facilities are allowing opportunities for students like never before.

A Creative Studio was established for Media Arts students where they can practice filming and editing in a professional environment.

Media Arts teachers Jo Jeffery and Audrey Durbridge attended a specialist Filmmaking Summer School in Melbourne to benefit students’ educational experience.

The course was offered through Australian Teachers of Media and taught by renowned cinematographer Con Filipidis.

Its focus was to achieve professional production values on an affordable budget.

“Through the course, we have learned to get better use and value out of our existing photographic equipment through imaginative use of lighting and focus on quality audio,” Mrs Jeffery said.

During the course, Mrs Jeffrey and Ms Durbridge participated in the production of a documentary-styled interview using studio cinematography, lighting techniques and sound along with shooting an adjacent overlay to cut into the final production.

The Dominic College teachers will now transfer these skills to students to enhance their film making capacity.

Dominic College principal Beth Gilligan said students were always highly engaged with their filmmaking unit.

“Our students are no strangers to producing their own films, working each year towards producing films for entry into the MyState Film Competition and annually achieving success as finalists in the High School category,” she said.

Ms Gilligan said the College’s new facilities combined with Ms Durbridge and Mrs Jeffery’s new skills would see even further quality films being produced by young film makers at the College.

Caption: Dominic College year 10 media arts students putting their skills into practice.

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