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EYELINES Hobart is forging the way in cutting-edge eye care technology with the addition of the Optical Coherence Tomography (OCT) machine.

Allowing three-dimensional scans of the back of the eye, the OCT machine operates in a similar fashion to an MRI scan of the body.

A simple, non-invasive, non-contact procedure that only takes a few minutes, it allows the early detection of eye diseases including glaucoma and macula degeneration.

This means treatments can start sooner and the prospect for the patient is greatly improved.

Eyelines optometrist Paul Fountain said OCT machines could help prevent future eye health issues in patients by providing exceptionally detailed images in 3D.

“When you go to the dentist, they do an x-ray to see whether you have tooth decay – it’s the same thing with the OCT,” he said.

“It detects subtle changes in the retina that we can pick up earlier than we would ordinarily with basic retinal photography.”

Mr Fountain said having regular eye examinations could go a long way to preventing future health issues.

“You only get one pair of eyes – you can’t replace your sight once it’s gone,” he said.

“During an eye exam, your optometrist will have an initial discussion with you regarding your general vision and visual requirements.

“They will then assess your day-to-day vision by asking you to read various charts at various distances before determining the lens prescription that gives you the clearest, most comfortable vision possible.

“In addition to glaucoma, an eye exam can also detect other health problems such as diabetes or a vascular disease and early detection means a better chance of curing these conditions.

“Healthy eyesight is fundamental to getting the most out of life, so book in for an eye examination today.”

The OCT machine is available at Eyelines stores in Hobart and Launceston and customers can be referred from any store in the state.

For more information, visit eyelines.com.au.

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