Herbie proves love is blind

Herbie is a remarkable cat who captured the hearts of everyone who met him.

This one-year-old tabby and white boy had severely diseased eyes when he arrived at Ten Lives. He required an operation to remove his eyes to give him the best chance at a happy and healthy life.

Nevertheless, Herbie did not let his impairment hamper his zest for living. He adjusted to his blindness in the shelter while he waited for a kind soul to take him home.

Herbie soon acclimatised to his new environment in the shelter. The staff noticed that he had an exceptional sense of smell and hearing, which allowed him to navigate his surroundings with ease. He would use his whiskers to determine the contours of his enclosure, and he learnt to memorise the location of his food bowl and litter box through repetition.

Herbie’s lack of sight did not diminish his playful spirit either. He would entertain himself by batting around toys or playing with a feather tickler. He developed a particular fondness for toys with bells in them since he could locate them quickly and appeared to be watching them despite his lack of vision!

While Herbie adapted well to shelter life, the staff and volunteers knew that he would thrive in a loving home. They were also aware that blind cats often have difficulty finding forever homes since people wrongly believe they will be too much of a burden. The volunteers knew that Herbie was a unique and delightful cat who deserved to find a family who would recognise his worth.

Herbie’s photos and story created a buzz on Facebook and Instagram. The posts about Herbie attracted a lot of engagement on social media, and people began enquiring about him. However, we needed to make sure they were the perfect match for Herbie. They would ideally need to live in a quiet home with no other pets and have the time to help Herbie slowly settle into his new home.

Finally after a month in the adoption rooms, he met his forever human. They had fallen in love with his personality, and his blindness was never a factor in their decision to adopt him. They could provide the safe, secure and loving home environment that Herbie needed.

Herbie is a testament to the resilience of animals, particularly those with disabilities. Despite losing his sight, he adapted to his limitations and remained his playful and affectionate self. His story is a reminder that adopting pets with special needs can not only be rewarding but will also give them the chance to live fulfilling and happy lives.

Ten Lives Cat Centre is a self-funded animal charity that relies on donations and volunteers to care for and rehome the unwanted cats and kittens of Tasmania.
See how you can get involved: tenlives.com.au

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