Everyone has a story

EVERYONE has a story. Have you ever thought about recording yours?

Maybe you have started a memoir, but have since put it in the too-hard basket, shelved for when you have time.

Let’s face it, writing a memoir or autobiography is a time consuming and arduous task.

Where do you start?  It takes so much time.

If only there was a less complicated way of telling a story?

If this sounds like you or someone you know, then perhaps you, or they, just need a little help.

On the Record brings your story, told by you in your own words, to life through digitally recorded and transcribed interviews.

Pip Nielsen created On the Record after delving into her grandfather’s history and trying to add to her scant knowledge of him.

“I never knew my grandfather sadly, but I know he had an interesting life,” she said.

“I set about interviewing his family – my father, uncles and aunts, and others who knew him.

“It is still a work in progress, but what I have captured thus far is priceless.

“I have learned so much about my grandfather and have gathered enough information to write a biography.”

Ms Nielsen saw a need in the market place for uncomplicated ways to put stories on paper.

Her background in marketing and advertising and as the owner of a nationally recognised transcription firm – where she learned the do’s and dont’s of interviewing and digital recording – has been invaluable.

Ms Nielsen’s clients are generally the children of the people she interviews.

“I receive requests from the kids – grown adults – who want me to record their parents’ stories,” she said.

“They, like most people these days, are busy with their own lives, so they just need someone to find the answers and record them.”

Pip likens what she does to the ABC’s radio program ‘Conversations with Richard Fidler’.

“My interviewees aren’t quite so well known, but the principle is the same – I ask in-depth questions, and my interviewees answer the questions,” she said.

“I later transcribe those recording sessions.”

It is an uncomplicated and straight forward process.

At the end of the interviews, which are of broadcast quality, the client receives a USB (or digital file) of the audio recording and copies of the transcripts.

All interviews are private and entirely confidential.

Caption: On the Record aims to tell people’s stories through transcribed interviews.

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