Café Bedford brings community closer

THERE is nothing that a big smile and a good cup of coffee can’t fix.

At least, that was the belief that prompted New Town resident Tim (last name withheld for privacy) to pursue his dream of opening his very own coffee shop.

Tim is a member of the Eureka Clubhouse, which supports and assists people living in the community by providing an alternative to traditional mental health services.

Tim said he wanted to create a place where his Eureka Clubhouse neighbours could go, look after each other and get a cup of coffee.

“I’ve done everything I’ve wanted to do, so making others happy is the only thing left that makes me happy,” he said.

Following funding advice and assistance from Anita, a rehabilitation worker from Colony 47, Tim recently saw his dream fulfilled with the opening of ‘Café Bedford’.

“Eureka’s Clubhouse staff and members identified Tim’s dreams of running his own coffee shop through goals he’d often spoken about,” Anita said.

“Success in accomplishing your dreams is possibly one of the most empowering agents for change we have.

“That is why when Tim raised his hope of running a café, I thought that it was important that we could find a way to make it happen.

“Eureka Clubhouse sourced a private grant and put together an application which proved successful four weeks later.”

Tim has also organised the addition of a washing machine for the café, just in case someone “didn’t have anywhere to wash his or her clothes.”

“I also had some computer screens donated and now all I am waiting on is getting the Internet connected so the residents can get online and check on such things as Centrelink,” he said.

Colony 47 offers a wide network of programs that provides support to more than 20,000 Tasmanian children, young people and families every year.

Caption : Tim, right, with his mate Daniel, left, and brother Daryn, middle, outside Bedford Cafe, set up with the help of Colony 47’s Eureka Clubhouse.

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