Art auction to raise money for Palestinian children

NINE artists are set to have their works exhibited and auctioned at the ‘Small Moments of Beauty + Truth’ art exhibition at the Waterfront Pavilion in Hobart later this month.

The auctioned artworks will raise money for the Gaza Children’s Cinema, a small organisation working to give Palestinian children the opportunity to experience and engage with film.

The exhibition promotes and embraces the right to curiosity and playfulness for all children and emphasises the link between humanity and creativity.

The exhibition will take place from 18-22 September at Mawson’s Place on the Hobart Waterfront.

The featured artists include Di Allison, Paul Bailey, Irene Briant, Dean Chatwin, Belinda Hall, Patrick Hall, Julie Gough, Pete Maarseveen and Julie Monro-Alison.

Also on display will be prints of artworks made by children who have participated in Gaza Children’s Cinema projects in Palestine.

The Gaza Children’s Cinema was founded in 2013 by a group of volunteers who designed a mobile cinema to bring joy and celebration to the children of Gaza.

Nearly half of Gaza’s population are under the age of 14, and young families living near the Gaza Strip are under constant threat of war, restriction of movement and stress.

The cinema provides the opportunity for children to express themselves and explore alternative ways to process the events around them.

Unfortunately, the Said Al-Mishal Cultural Centre, used by many community groups in Gaza, was destroyed by Israeli air strikes.

Richard Skinner, organiser of the exhibition, said the children would benefit from the exhibit in many ways, including getting the mobile cinema to operating.

“Through the generosity of all involved, including the children of Gaza, I believe this exhibition offers a space of hope,” he said.

“I hope it becomes a space where stories can be processed and shared.”

For more information about the Gaza Children’s cinema, visit http://gazachildrencinema.org

Caption: The artworks from the ‘Small Moments of Beauty + Truth’ exhibition will be on display later this month at the Waterfront Pavilion in Hobart. Photo credit: Mohammed Zaanoun.

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