Are you getting what you pay for?

By Affordable Gutter Clean

WE clean gutters. Everyday.

We’re all familiar with the slogan: “apples and oranges.” So, when you engage a contractor to clean your roof gutters, what are you really paying for?

Is it a basic service or a premium one?

At Affordable Gutter Clean, we are not surprised to find that many unaware homeowners have had a handyman attend to their property to “clean out” their gutters, only to find that they have not been cleaned properly.

Sometimes only surface dirt and leaves have been removed, leaving behind a few handfuls of sludge to build up quickly around the mouth of down pipes.

Speaking of downpipes, often they have not been unblocked or flushed.

We have even found broken roof tiles that have not been repaired or reported to the homeowner, which can cause a whole plethora of problems when rain comes.

So, if you have received a quote from a contractor to clean your gutters – or do anything else around your home – here are some things you can ask before proceeding with the work:

What does this quote include? Is it just cleaning the gutter or surface debris? Is flushing the downpipes included? What about the mess that is left on ground level – will that be tidied up as well? Do they provide a roof condition report?

Does this contractor have the correct insurance, including those required for working at heights?

Are there aspects of my roof that need immediate repairs that he can quote on or, if not in his area of expertise, can he refer a qualified contractor to do so?

We at Affordable Gutter Clean take into consideration all aspects associated with the entire job.

This includes cleaning the roof, valley and gutters of all loose debris, unblocking and flushing the downpipes and cleaning up after we leave so the premises are tidier than when we found them.

We also provide before and after photos so that you can be assured the job has been done to a high standard.

For more information about Affordable Gutter Clean, visit www.affordablegutterclean.com.au or phone 0431 046 705.

Caption: Keeping gutters clean is a great way to avoid potentially costly expenses for gutter repairs.

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