Shifting goods during crisis

HOBART bicycle delivery service Shifter Cargo has continued to pedal through the COVID-19 crisis to deliver goods for individuals and business.

Shifter Cargo is a cargo bike courier service established by Tim Stredwick that offers an alternative to moving freight around an urban area to provide more ‘people’ space.

Bicycle messenger Paul Kennedy has been working with Shifter Cargo for two years following working for larger logistical conglomerates in Sydney and Perth.

“I’m passionate about making it easier to move around urban spaces and making it nice and fun,” Mr Kennedy said.

Mr Kennedy said Shifter Cargo was about making Hobart a more liveable city with less traffic congestion and a cleaner environment.

“It benefits the community in the city centre in being able to cut down the need for logistical vans and small logistical trucks entering our central business district,” he said.

“Bikes are just as fast and it’s the best way to get goods around cities because it’s quiet, safe and smaller, so we don’t take up as much space.”

Mr Kennedy said they delivered a number of services all around Hobart, including catering, car parts, books, clothing, doctor’s equipment, lawyer documents, and optics and lenses for businesses.

“Bikes are the future – it’s the best way to do it and it just makes cities better places for everyone,” he said.

“We need to look at other countries and other cities to see if we can implement the same type of strategies with bikes.”

Caption: Shifter Cargo bicycle messenger Paul Kennedy.